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About me

Gidi Vigo / גידי ויגוHi! I’m Gidi Vigo, Welcome to my blog!
I’m a visual communication graduate from Shenkar College. Works as an art-director in an advertising agency. The founder of Laaz – an Israeli user content website, where users upload their (parodic) translations to popular songs. Also, lately I really enjoy creating fun internet projects. Something for the soul, as they say.

Here’s my resume


About this blog…
This blog reflects me. It has animations, but not just animation. I post my graphic designs, but it’s not just a graphic design blog. It’s all and none. As time goes by I find myself interested in more and more techniques, and more ways to “tell a story”. It may sound pretentious, but I think my self not as a graphic designer, but as a creative man that design. Not only as a music video director, but as a creative person that loves making music videos… and so on.
Being creative is the same as being athletic. You gotta stay in shape. So no matter if I have a project I’m working on or not – I try to do creative stuff as often as possible.
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