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Avatar / Oscar 2010 Best Film Nominees Alternative Posters

A week before the Oscar winners ennounced I started this self initiated project. The goal is to create an alternative poster to all ten nominees for 2010 best picture award.

Project limitation:
1. Minimalist color scheme
2. Arial and Georgia fonts only
3. Not working on a poster more than 15 minutes…

Avatar trailer

One Comment

  1. todd hughes wrote:

    I totally love “Avatar”. This movie is not just another Hollywood shallow nonsence. It has a very sculpted message, one that is quite in line with a new age philosophy of onessess with everything. Cameron totally deserves the awards and money this movie is still pulling. I hope the next “Avatar” will be coming out sooner that he says, even with a stronger message and great new adventures and characters. I am buying a new 3D TV soon just for that lol

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