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Posts Tagged ‘ARTiSHOWk’
  • King Poster

    This is the poster I’ve done especially for the ARTiSHOWk exhibition. The theme of the event is LUCK. I Illustrated this card with my wacom, trying to imitate the strokes […]

  • ARTiSHOWk#5 Poster

    ARTiSHOWk is a special event: I’ts an art exhibition, but it’s also a music concert and a party. Trying to deliver art to the crowd that usually “afraid” of it. […]

  • Hamelin

    This video is a first-time for me in many ways. The first time I’ve experimented pixilation. The first time I did a stop-motion animation that was longer than a few […]

  • ARTiSHOWk#4 Video

    Another something I made for the ARTiSHOWk event – a promotion video. I actually very busy these days, but Or and Or (the producers of the ARTiSHOWk) asked me really […]

  • ARTiSHOWk#4 Poster

    Another ARTiSHOWk will take in place june 20th, and once again, I’m designing all the print stuff (poster, invitation, map…). So… I scanned myself, as I often do. The ARTiSHOWk […]

  • ספרו/שרבטו לי חלום

    The ARTiSHOWk took place yesterday. This is the video I screened: I asked the ARTiSHOWk guests to write or doodle a dream. And This is what they came up with: Download […]

  • ARTiSHOWk 3 – Hanging The Posters!

    Ah! My posters are in the street! First time for me. It was three days ago, and it was documented. The Hangers: Or Lubin (ARTiSHOWk producer), Rotem Munk (her friend from […]

  • ARTiSHOWk 3 – Dreams

    The ARTiSHOWk project is a unique event of harmony of arts of all kinds – live music, painting, photography, video, performing arts and more… The 3rd event has a theme – […]